Community Association


We believe in connecting homeowners and residents with their community. When residents feel connected to their community, they become more involved. To make this a reality, our management focuses on:


  • Consistent and Clear Communication with Board members and homeowners
  • Resident and Board Education
  • Providing homeowners and board members space to ask questions and provide input


We believe that transparency isn’t just a philosophy, but the hallmark of a successful community  With that in mind, we specifically ensure that our processes bring our clients, both the Board of Directors of your HOA members, into the management process, and ensure that they are always aware of the steps we are taking to manage your community. Our online access system through Appfolio© allows homeowners to pay their fees online, as well as have up to date information on their account. Board members have further access to review financial and maintenance information.


Our commitment to education and connection goes beyond just what we can provide. We are enthusiastic partners of organizations such as Community Association Institute (CAI), and leverage our relationship with these institutions to help your community succeed. Our network of experts, from legal needs to plumbing, is a direct benefit to your community.


Because we are a small, family operated business, and because we keep our portfolio small, we have the flexibility to provide a vast assortment of services to our clients, keeping our costs and time commitments low, so that you receive the highest level of service, without paying high management expenses.



Our Community Association Services

Below is a list, although not exhaustive, of the services we provide to our Community Association clients. Please contact us so that we can provide a proposal for your community that fits your needs and goals:


Accounting/Financial Services


  • Homeowner Fee Administration Including Late Notices And Collections/Lien Filing Liaison
  • Other Account Receivable Administration (Compliance Fees, Rents, Etc., As Applicable)
  • Accounts Payable Administration To Include Payable Run Twice Monthly
  • Preparation And Distribution Of Monthly Financial Statements
  • Annual Operating Budget Preparation For Approval By Board
  • Review/Audit Liaison And Administration
  • Tax Preparer Liaison And Administration
  • 1099 Preparation
  • Bank Account Maintenance

Facilities & Asset Management Services


  • Maintenance Work Order Receiving And Administration
  • Vendor Scheduling
  • Preventive Maintenance Plan Management, Including Scheduling And Administration Of Preventive Maintenance Contracts
  • Capital Maintenance Plan Management, Includes Scheduling And Administration Of Capital Repair And Improvement Tasks, As Well As Preparation Of Capital Improvement Budget Each Year
  • Prepare 1099s Each Year Vendors
  • Site Visits For Maintenance Review
  • Emergency Maintenance Administration

General Management


  • Perform Compliance Site Visits In Accordance With Association Policies And Rules
  • Prepare Compliance Letters For Timely Distribution
  • Track Violations And Ensure Timely Follow-Up
  • Attend Compliance Hearings, And Hearing Administration And Follow-Up
  • Prepare General Notices For Association As Required/Requested By Board
  • Record Keeping And Storage
  • Annual Corporation Filings
  • General Correspondence
  • Legal Liaison

Board/HOA Administration & Management


  • Attend Board Meetings And Prepare Minutes
  • Prepare Management Status Reports And Provide To Board Prior To Meetings
  • Prepare Meeting Agendas And Distribute According To Legal Requirements And Association Policy
  • Annual Meeting Administration, Including Proxy Mailings And Collection
  • Attend Annual Meetings And Prepare Minutes
  • Administration Or Follow Up Needed From Board Or Annual Meetings

Other Services


  • Insurance Liaison And Administration
  • Website Maintenance and Administration
  • Website Development
  • Real Estate Transaction Administration
  • And More!

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